Photos are being taken like never before. We store thousands and thousands of them on personal devices, and tens or hundreds of thousands of them on our home computers. Every so often they will be printed, put in a photo book or make their way into a frame
for everyone to see.

As a photographer, you want to ensure that your customers are being provided with photos that they don’t want to keep on their device; you want to give them photos that they want to post, print and frame.

What separates a good photo from a great one is in the details; contrast in eyelashes, clarity in a smile, colouring of the background. In order for you to maintain a reputation as a great photographer, you need to consistently provide well edited photos that highlight your subjects best features and expression.

Because our passion at Blue Maple Digital is attention to detail, we will take the time to take care of the details, while you stay behind the camera, doing what you do best. Let’s work as a team to make some amazing images. Let’s get started.